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Aligning skilled resources with capacity gaps, on demand

What is Shift Plan?

Imagine a scenario…

…a skilled resource gap has arisen at your site (school, social care setting). You are part of a network. Your headquarters (local authority) provides the support to fill temporary capacity gaps. You create a profile of your need and provide this to headquarters which maintains a pool of skilled resource.  On receipt of the demand headquarters reaches out to a suitable candidate. The candidate has taken up another role and not advised headquarters. The process is repeated…increasing cost and time to supply with each iteration.

This scenario illustrates where productivity is lost through use of manual processes. Shift Plan has been developed to address this challenge. Our system enables sites, headquarters and skilled resources to seamlessly connect thereby improving the experience and efficiency for all.

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one secure, integrated, cloud-based  solution - three portals configured to user needs

Shift Plan
Resource Portal

The resource portal has been designed to empower users to take control of their availability, engagement opportunities and timesheet reporting.

Shift Plan
Admin Portal

The administration portal controls system access – sites and users – and provides visibility of activity and reporting.

Shift Plan
Site Portal

The site portal allows users to enter details of their requirement and to view and select candidates.


Easy to use

Each of our portals is intuitive, requiring a minimal period of training / familiarisation to enable confident use of the system.


Shift Plan is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and complies with the highest standards of security ensuring the safety of all user data.


Cloud hosting allows for users to access the system from anywhere at anytime via web browser on Windows, Android and Apple Devices.


Shift Plan offers the ability to increase the size of the user group across all user types and expand the types of role that can be managed through the system.


Shift Plan is configurable and able to be integrated with other software tools that are already in use e.g. payroll integration through the use of an API.


Audit facilities within Shift Plan allow for full traceability of activity. This requirement is further supported by the system’s reporting tools.

For Headquarters (Local Authorities; HQ)

  • Able to support any resourcing requirement – schools; social care; leisure; etc

  • Speedy deployment

  • Reduced time and cost associated with management of temporary and shift vacancies

  • Enhances experience delivered to sites and resources

  • Establish dedicated supply pool – no agency fees

For Sites (Schools; Social Care Settings)

  • Enablement of frictionless and speedy access to skilled resources as required

  • Visibility of available candidates to enable assessment and selection – removing effort wasted in pursuit of unavailable candidates

For Skilled Resources (Teachers; Care Workers)

  • Full and direct control over availability providing facility to lodge flexible work patterns

  • Opportunity visibility

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Why Shift Plan?

We are not an employment agency. The cost of using Shift Plan is limited to on-boarding and licensing fees. No agency fees are applied.

Shift Plan has been used within a social care application and has demonstrated proof of efficacy.

The Shift Plan team includes extensive expertise and experience in software development, integration and software support.

Headquartered in Glasgow, the Shift Plan team is particularly well placed to support Scotland-based adopters.